Dual View Dumper DV125: Seizing new dimensions

The first 12.5-ton dumper is impacting the market with the reliable Dual View swivel seat concept and the high level of standard safety equipment. With the high payload capacity of 12.5 tons, the DV125 has the ability to transport more material like a truck, but maintains the advantages of a dumper. The articulated pendulum joint and hydrostatic all-wheel drive ensures it retains its tractive force while traveling across rough terrain. All these benefits are supported by the machine’s built-in high safety standards, providing for an excellent operating experience.

DV125 in action

High payload for maximum material handling

  • With an impressive payload of 12.5 tons, it enables more material to be moved in less time while utilizing the flexibility and mobility of a dumper.
  • The high payload allows for more material to be moved in one trip, saving time and money.
  • A notable and visible increase in efficiency. The perfect compromise to combine the benefits of a dumper with the transport volume of a truck.
DV125 in studio

Dual View rotating seat concept

  • No time-consuming turning is required, which increases the maneuverability and efficiency.
  • Simply rotate the seat after loading and perform material transport with a perfect view to the front and material in the rear.
  • Increased productivity and safety on the construction site.
DV125 in action

High safety standards

  • The DV125 fulfills the highest safety standards in the base model machine.
  • Tilt and skip monitoring, hill-hold function, safety glass, skip guards and much more are factory installed at no extra cost.
  • A variety of optional safety and comfort functions are also available, which can be ordered individually to configure each and every machine precisely to the requirements and needs of the application.
DV125 in action

Compact dimensions and maximum maneuverability

  • Despite the high payload of 12.5 tons, the DV125 is extremely compact. With an overall length of just 4.6 m {181.1 inches} and a tight turning radius, it can be used in the most confined construction sites.
  • The machine is particularly well suited to road construction or transporting manufacturing materials. In combination with the proven rotating seat, the travel direction can be changed safely at any time.
DV125 in action

Sturdy heavy-load axle

  • Increased safety through a specially designed heavy-load axle.
  • Consistent stability and reinforced frame for safe application in demanding work applications.
  • Sturdy construction and safety you can rely on.

More Features

Active Sense Control (ASC)

Active Sense Control

  • The Active Sense Control (ASC) radar system has innovative object detection with an optionally selectable braking function. This system warns the operator on a display of approaching objects and shows them. Where necessary, the system promptly slows the machine down and, if required, it will also bring it to a standstill (with the selected Stop Assistant).
  • The machine’s surroundings are scanned in real time for possible obstacles and where required, action is taken. Even trailer operation or tight parking maneuvers have been considered: the system can be switched to blind for a short time so as to not impede the operation.
  • Thanks to the intelligent system, it is possible to both load and unload without needing to switch off the machine.
Back drive warning system DV125

Automatic brake lights with the hydrostatic braking function

  • The hydrostatic braking function ensures that the dumper is braked when the operator takes his foot off the throttle pedal and, at that moment, activates the brake lights.
  • This lets other people involved on the construction site, as well as vehicles following, at the earliest point that the machine is slowing down so they can react accordingly early on.
DV125 in action

Hill-Hold function

  • The integrated hill-hold function prevents the machine from rolling back when at standstill, as soon as the foot is taken off the gas pedal.
  • The machine is braked automatically and secured against rolling back.
DV125 in action

Sturdy skip guard

  • The skip guard protects the operator and the cab from falling material, even while driving.
  • It provides for additional safety even during loading. The protective skip grating was designed and tested for this, based on ISO 10262, front protective grating Level 2.
  • The skip guard can withstand the impact of an excavator bucket with the maximum force of a 15-metric ton excavator.
Dual View Dumper  DV125

Belt and rotating beacon in signal color

  • The orange belt is connected to the green LED light on the outside of the machine. It lights up when the belt is being used and the driver is operating the machine while properly secured. This allows a control function to be exercised from the outside.
Dual View Dumper  DV125

Rear LED lights incl. dynamic turn signals

  • The rear LED lights are recognizable even from a distance and shine a bright and noticeable light. The motion of the dynamic turn signals also installed runs from the inside outward. This focuses attention on the surroundings when turning and the risk of accidents or misunderstandings can be minimized.
DV125 camera washing system

Washing system for cameras

  • The washing system relieves the machine’s camera of dirt and contamination, thus keeping the field of view free. Obstacles and objects can thus be recognized even without manual cleaning.
DV125 camera

Front and rearview camera

  • The view cameras attached at front and rear minimize the machine’s blind spot and provide double protection for the surroundings.
  • The driver can see more precisely what is happening around him and can recognize obstacles at an early stage. This increases safety enormously for the driver, the machine and the environment.
  • With protection class IP69, they are very tough and sturdy.
DV125 access in signal colour

Entry in high visibility color

  • The entry in caution red increases safety and gives the steps and handle better visibility.
  • This draws more attention to these areas important for safety when entering and exiting.
DV125 seat contact

Seat contact switch

  • The seat contact switch increases safety on the construction site, as the operator has to sit down to be able to operate the machine properly and efficiently.
  • If the operator isn’t sitting, the machine cannot be operated.
DV125 in studio

Field of vision - Better than the standards

  • Equipped for the future: compliance goes beyond today’s legally prescribed standards.
  • Maximizes safety on the construction site with optimal 360° visibility of the work area.
  • With the mirror and reversing camera, Dual View allows the operator to see a much wider area than prescribed by the standard.
DV125 in studio

Hydrostatic 4-wheel drive with automatic ECO mode

  • Just hop on and go: with the hydrostatic 4-wheel drive, the operator can concentrate on his work without frequent gear shifting.
  • A continuously constant tractive force from 0 to the maximum speed and a hydrostatic brake provide for a comfortable driving experience.
  • The machine's automatic ECO mode is an asset to cost and environmentally-conscious users as it ensures minimal consumption with optimum power use.
DV125 working lights

LED front and rear work lights

  • With its LED front and rear work lights, the machine is equipped even for work with poor visibility or at night. This ensures safe working and can provide valuable time at work.
DV125 Display

Large, multi-functional display

  • The large, multi-functional 7-inch color display provides an excellent overview of all the machine’s functions and displays the respective camera images. The display also switches automatically between the images of the front and rearview cameras depending on the direction of travel engaged. This again increases the safety of the machine. Furthermore, the display fulfills the IP69 protective class requirements, making it very sturdy.
  • All important functions, errors or general information on the machine can be read at a glance.
Dual View Dumper  DV125

Central lubrication system

  • With the fully automatic central lubrication system, the machine is automatically lubricated, making the task convenient and efficient. This saves a considerable amount of time and increases the durability and longevity of the machine, increasing its service life and value.
DV125 tool box

Lockable storage options in the wheel case

  • The storage options in the non-slip standing area of the wheel case are both waterproof and lockable and provide the operator with the option of stowing articles that should not be exposed to the weather conditions.
DV125 Bluetooth Radio

Radio with Bluetooth intercommunication station

  • The radio is equipped with a Bluetooth hands-free device and also has USB charging connections.
DV125 break

Spring-loaded parking brake

  • The spring-loaded parking brake is automatically activated when the engine is switched off. The user does not have to operate it manually. Manual electro-hydraulic actuation is also possible via the toggle switch.
  • The wear-free design makes it very durable and reliable.
Climate control dumper

Air-conditioning system

  • The air conditioning system ensures a pleasant and constant temperature at the workplace. This can be individually adjusted manually with the fan.
DV125 in action


  • A strong plus, especially in the rain, cold or heat: the ideally equipped cab, makes work comfortable year-round for the operator, and also offers the highest level of safety with ROPS/FOPS Level II certification. (DIN EN ISO 3471 and 3449)
  • The cab is equipped for comfort with the optimal arrangement of all switches and control elements for efficient working.
  • Storage options (cup holder, area for mobile phone, etc.) and the high quality or workmanship provide a high level of working comfort.
DV125 in studio

Air-suspension, heated comfort seat

  • The air-suspended comfort seat includes a sturdy fabric cover, weight adjustment and integrated heated seat.
  • The seat can be set to the operator’s weight and adjusts the air suspension to this ensuring optimal operator comfort.
Speed control

Speed regulation system

  • The speed regulation system automatically maintains the speed of the machine where possible, provided it is activated. This way, the operator doesn’t have to concentrate on his speed and can enjoy the comfort of automation.

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