Dual View Dumper DV60

Dual View Dumper DV60: Power for more safety

More space for the legs and an exit option on both sides allow the DV60 to be used even more safely, with a payload of up to 6 tons. In the power version now with extra power under the hood. The hill-hold function and seat belt monitoring with optional start release take the safety of the machine to a new maximum and already think for the operator before it is too late. Many additional comfort features in the basic machine or as an option additionally ensure the comfort factor for the operator.

yellow safety belt

Seat belt monitoring with start release

  • The seat belt monitoring system signals visually and acoustically if an attempt is made to start the machine when the operator is not wearing a seat belt. The additional start release prevents start-up in this case.
  • The safety during operation is increased once again and improper starting is thus prevented.
Dual View Dumper DV60

Hill-Hold function

  • The integrated hill-hold function prevents the machine from rolling back when at standstill, as soon as the foot is taken off the gas pedal.
  • The machine is braked automatically and secured against rolling back.

More Features

Dualview Dumper Skip Guard

Sturdy skip guard

  • The skip guard protects the operator and the cab from falling material, even while driving.
  • It provides for additional safety even during loading. The protective skip grating was designed and tested for this, based on ISO 10262, front protective grating Level 2.
  • The skip guard can withstand the impact of an excavator bucket with the maximum force of a 15-metric ton excavator.

Side indicators

  • For increased visibility and safety, indicators are also attached to the side of the machine, which announce a turning maneuver about to take place and make it more visible.
  • This once again increases safety considerably through increased attention.
air-suspended seat

Premium seat

  • A premium seat made of synthetic leather ensures the comfort factor for the operator, even in the basic machine. As an optional air-cushioned version in fabric, the operating comfort is increased even further.
  • Both versions are equipped with a high backrest and thus provide high support for the operator's body.
Tool box wheel case

Lockable storage options in the wheel case

  • The storage options in the non-slip standing area of the wheel case are both waterproof and lockable and provide the operator with the option of stowing articles that should not be exposed to the weather conditions.
Dual View Dumper DV60

Tinted windows with UV protection

  • The slightly tinted windows of the cab greatly reduces UV radiation and noise.
  • On sunny work days, operators do not need to use any additional protective measures such as sunglasses or other sun protection. This increases user-friendliness as well as efficiency.
  • The operator is optimally protected by the laminated safety glass.
Dual View Dumper DV60

Easy service and maintenance access

  • Die leicht erreichbaren Service- und Wartungszugänge machen die täglichen Kontrollen, genauso wie die regelmäßige Wartung und Instandhaltung, einfach und zeitsparend.
  • In optimaler Höhe platziert und ohne großen Aufwand erreicht man schnell alle Service- und Wartungspunkte, um die täglichen Routinearbeiten ohne großen Zeitaufwand abzuschließen.
Dual View Dumper DV60

Extended maintenance intervals

  • The long maintenance intervals of 500 operating hours make possible additional cost savings due to fewer service and maintenance intervals divided over the entire use.
Dual View Dumper DV60

Speed regulation system

  • The speed regulation system automatically maintains the speed of the machine where possible, provided it is activated. This way, the operator doesn’t have to concentrate on his speed and can enjoy the comfort of automation.

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