On a constuction site in the area, earth is dumped using a tilting skip on the 1601

Wheel Dumper 1601: Three types of skips, even more versatility

The 1601 is a true multi-functional machine with its price-performance ratio and impressive three possible skip versions. It manages confined spaces effortlessly. Leg protection, the fold-down roll over protection system, and optionally available rotating beacon, reverse alarm and outside rear-view mirrors minimize risk factors for accidents and maximize the safety of the operator. The efficient hydrostatic drive system ensures intuitive and simple operation.

Wheel dumper 1601 in a gravel pit

Articulated pendulum joint

  • The articulated pendulum joint adapts to all uneven terrain on the construction site. The operator immediately senses a change in the position and can keep the machine under control.
EZ53 and whell dumper 1601 in action

Swivel tip skip

  • The very versatile, large rotary tipping trough allows for extension in all directions, perfect for side backfilling or even leveling when transporting liquids on inclines.
  • The rotary tipping trough brings the material exactly to the point thanks to infinitely variable 180° rotation - particularly practical in tight spaces.
1601 in action

High tip skip

  • The high tip skip makes it possible to get over height differences with no problem while unloading, without a ramp.
  • Among other things, it can be used as a front tip skip, which comes with the advantage of a low dumping height.

More Features

Wheel Dumper 1601

Entry and exit on both sides

  • Entry and exit on both sides of machines is practical when the machine is parked very close to an obstacle or is being used for filling on one side.
  • The control station can be safely entered and exited quickly and easily on either side of the machine.
  • The 3-point contact on entry and exit provides added safety of the operator. When entering and exiting the machine, the operator has 3 points of contact area, alternating hand-hand-foot.
Wheel dumper 1601 in a gravel pit

Driving without changing gear

  • As the dumpers do not need a gearshift at all, operation is not only simpler and more intuitive, but also safer for the driver and the environment.
  • The driver can concentrate fully on his work and the surroundings without having to change gear.
Studio photo wheel dumper 1601 service access

Easy service and maintenance access

  • The easily accessible service and maintenance access points make daily checks, as well as regular maintenance and servicing, simple and time-saving.
  • Placed at an optimal height and without much effort, you can quickly reach all service and maintenance points to complete daily routine tasks without spending much time.
1601 in action

Twin-lock 4-wheel drive system

  • The low-maintenance, variable twin-lock 4-wheel drive makes working rough ground conditions easy. Each of the four wheels has its own hydraulic motor so the power is always optimally distributed
  • The simple operation, with traction remaining at the same level even on steep terrain, provides for safer operating conditions. The elimination of the universal joint shaft increases ground clearance allowing the dumper to easily travel over uneven ground.
  • This means easier maintenance and cost savings as changing transmission oil and brake fluid is eliminated.
1601 in action

Custom-made paint finish

  • The machine can be customized by having it painted in the desired color (RAL).

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