Wheel Dumper DW90

Wheel Dumper DW90: The power package for the safety-conscious

The outstanding operator environment and the high level of safety features contribute to this exceptional material handler with a payload of 9,000 kg. The high skip volume provides space for a lot of material, and reduces the turnaround times on the construction site. Those who have a lot to transport, while valuing safety and performance, are on the right path with the DW90. And all that with up to 25 km/h. The cameras mounted on both sides with washing system provide the respective image on the 7-inch color display and thereby increase the safety of the machine’s surroundings with a high level of visibility. Furthermore, it is equipped ex works with skip and tilt monitoring, as well as optionally with a hill-hold function.

Wheel Dumper DW90

Inclination monitoring

  • If the machine is tilted in an unsafe standing position or becomes unstable, the inclination monitoring intervenes and warns the operator.
  • An optical and an acoustic signal display both the speed limitation with the skip tilted in an unsafe position as well as an unstable machine position. This should make it clear to the operator that he is exposed to an increased risk of accident if he does not pay attention.
Skip monitoring dumper

Skip monitoring

  • Skip monitoring takes over the control of the skip position before driving off and thus prevents consequential damage or accidents.
  • Real-time checking of the skip position informs the operator if locking is incomplete and reduces travel speed to 13 km/h to avoid accidents.
  • This minimizes the risk of damage or accidents to the machine and the surroundings.
DW90 in action

Hydrostatic 4-wheel drive with automatic ECO mode

  • Just hop on and go: with the hydrostatic 4-wheel drive, the operator can concentrate on his work without frequent gear shifting.
  • A continuously constant tractive force from 0 to the maximum speed and a hydrostatic brake provide for a comfortable driving experience.
  • The machine's automatic ECO mode is an asset to cost and environmentally-conscious users as it ensures minimal consumption with optimum power use.
DW90 in action

Hill-Hold function

  • The integrated hill-hold function prevents the machine from rolling back when at standstill, as soon as the foot is taken off the gas pedal.
  • The machine is braked automatically and secured against rolling back.
Active Sense Control (ASC)

Active Sense Control

  • The Active Sense Control (ASC) radar system has innovative object detection with an optionally selectable braking function. This system warns the operator on a display of approaching objects and shows them. Where necessary, the system promptly slows the machine down and, if required, it will also bring it to a standstill (with the selected Stop Assistant).
  • The machine’s surroundings are scanned in real time for possible obstacles and where required, action is taken. Even trailer operation or tight parking maneuvers have been considered: the system can be switched to blind for a short time so as to not impede the operation.
  • Thanks to the intelligent system, it is possible to both load and unload without needing to switch off the machine.

More Features

yellow safety belt

Seat belt monitoring with start release

  • The seat belt monitoring system signals visually and acoustically if an attempt is made to start the machine when the operator is not wearing a seat belt. The additional start release prevents start-up in this case.
  • The safety during operation is increased once again and improper starting is thus prevented.
DW90 in action

Sturdy skip guard

  • The skip guard protects the operator and the cab from falling material, even while driving.
  • It provides for additional safety even during loading. The protective skip grating was designed and tested for this, based on ISO 10262, front protective grating Level 2.
  • The skip guard can withstand the impact of an excavator bucket with the maximum force of a 15-metric ton excavator.
Wheel Dumper DW90

High ground clearance

  • The high ground clearance allows the machine to be operated on very uneven terrain, even off paved roads.
Camera DW60 and DW90

Front and rearview camera

  • The view cameras attached at front and rear minimize the machine’s blind spot and provide double protection for the surroundings.
  • The driver can see more precisely what is happening around him and can recognize obstacles at an early stage. This increases safety enormously for the driver, the machine and the environment.
  • With protection class IP69, they are very tough and sturdy.
Washing system DW60

Washing system for cameras

  • The washing system relieves the machine’s camera of dirt and contamination, thus keeping the field of view free. Obstacles and objects can thus be recognized even without manual cleaning.
DV125 seat contact

Seat contact switch

  • The seat contact switch increases safety on the construction site, as the operator has to sit down to be able to operate the machine properly and efficiently.
  • If the operator isn’t sitting, the machine cannot be operated.
Wheel Dumper DW90

Optional premium seat

  • Optionally, the operator's seat can also be ordered in an artificial leather variant with extendable backrest. This increases operator comfort and supports the operator during jerky movements.
  • The built-in seat heating provides pleasant warmth even at low temperatures.
DW90 in studio

Entry and exit on both sides

  • Entry and exit on both sides of machines is practical when the machine is parked very close to an obstacle or is being used for filling on one side.
  • The control station can be safely entered and exited quickly and easily on either side of the machine.
  • The 3-point contact on entry and exit provides added safety of the operator. When entering and exiting the machine, the operator has 3 points of contact area, alternating hand-hand-foot.
Access in signal color of the DW90

Entry in high visibility color

  • The entry in caution red increases safety and gives the steps and handle better visibility.
  • This draws more attention to these areas important for safety when entering and exiting.
Wheel Dumper DW90

Automatic brake lights with the hydrostatic braking function

  • The hydrostatic braking function ensures that the dumper is braked when the operator takes his foot off the throttle pedal and, at that moment, activates the brake lights.
  • This lets other people involved on the construction site, as well as vehicles following, at the earliest point that the machine is slowing down so they can react accordingly early on.
Reverse alarm

Broadband tone drive signal

  • The conspicuous broadband tone increases safety when using the machine.
  • It is automatically activated when reverse gear is activated, warning the entire area.
  • The broadband tone ensures reduced noise pollution for the surrounding area but presents a safe warning signal for people in the danger area.
Green and orange swivel light

Green rotating beacon

  • It lights up when the seat belt is being used and the driver is operating the machine in a properly secured manner. This allows a control function to be perceived from outside.
Wheel Dumper DW90

Orange seat belt

  • The orange safety belt makes it possible to detect when the operator has the seat belt on. It stands out clearly from its surroundings.
DW90 in studio


  • A strong plus, especially in the rain, cold or heat: the ideally equipped cab, makes work comfortable year-round for the operator, and also offers the highest level of safety with ROPS/FOPS Level II certification. (DIN EN ISO 3471 and 3449)
  • The cab is equipped for comfort with the optimal arrangement of all switches and control elements for efficient working.
  • Storage options (cup holder, area for mobile phone, etc.) and the high quality or workmanship provide a high level of working comfort.
Light grille DW90

Translucent headlight protective grating

  • Due to the fine structure of the protective grating, it need not be removed for driving on streets and saves valuable time in the sequence of operations.
  • Despite the fine design, the protective grating effectively protects against damage to the headlights.
Wheel Dumper DW90

Auto-stop function

  • The built-in auto-stop function switches the machine off after 5 minutes without use. This period of time can be adjusted and the operator is notified visually and acoustically before switching off.
  • Electrical loads, such as headlights, are also switched off to conserve the machine's battery. Operating costs are reduced, maintenance intervals are extended and resale value increases.
  • The resulting reduction in engine running time reduces exhaust emissions/CO2.
Wheel Dumper DW90

Extended maintenance intervals

  • The long maintenance intervals of 500 operating hours make possible additional cost savings due to fewer service and maintenance intervals divided over the entire use.
Wheel Dumper DW90

Speed regulation system

  • The speed regulation system automatically maintains the speed of the machine where possible, provided it is activated. This way, the operator doesn’t have to concentrate on his speed and can enjoy the comfort of automation.
Articulum joint DW90

Articulated pendulum joint

  • The articulated pendulum joint adapts to all uneven terrain on the construction site. The operator immediately senses a change in the position and can keep the machine under control.
Brake DW60

Spring-loaded parking brake

  • The spring-loaded parking brake is automatically activated when the engine is switched off. The user does not have to operate it manually. Manual electro-hydraulic actuation is also possible via the toggle switch.
  • The wear-free design makes it very durable and reliable.
DW90 in studio

Fold-down roll over protection system (ROPS) with gas pressure damper

  • The fold-down roll over protection system with gas pressure damper provides a very low clearance height with simultaneously high safety standards.
  • It is ideal for transport and saves room.
  • The gas pressure damper makes folding the ROPS bar up and down easy.
Tool box DW60

Lockable storage options in the wheel case

  • The storage options in the non-slip standing area of the wheel case are both waterproof and lockable and provide the operator with the option of stowing articles that should not be exposed to the weather conditions.
Service DW90

Easy service and maintenance access

  • The easily accessible service and maintenance access points make daily checks, as well as regular maintenance and servicing, simple and time-saving.
  • Placed at an optimal height and without much effort, you can quickly reach all service and maintenance points to complete daily routine tasks without spending much time.
Wheel Dumper DW90

Display with lockable cover (vandalism protection)

  • The lockable protective flap for the display, which can be folded down, counteracts vandalism and damage from outside.
  • The mechanism is easy to operate with the machine key, there is no need for a separate key.
  • When folded up, the screen is protected from direct sunlight.
Working lights of a DW60 and DW90

LED front and rear work lights

  • With its LED front and rear work lights, the machine is equipped even for work with poor visibility or at night. This ensures safe working and can provide valuable time at work.

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