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The driver assistance system vls (Vertical Lift System) for telehandlers

A better work flow with certainty.

The vertical lift system has already proven itself well in the agricultural sector – our innovation has been awarded several times and also internationally with the silver DLG innovation award in 2011, the EIMA Technical Innovation Prize 2012 and the Equitana Innovation award 2013.

These prizes do show how important the topic of safety is viewed as and evaluated. The vertical lift system allows for a fluid work flow and supports working in a complex operator environment through a partially automated telescopic movement. The machine's stability is improved through the nearly vertical lifting and lowering movement.

The fluid work flow, the avoidance of a reduced lowering speed for safety reasons and a facilitated machine operation increase the handling capacity of the machine. Experienced operators can work even faster and more safely with the vls. Inexperienced operators receive valuable support when lifting and loading. The vls function takes effect when lifting and lowering with the telehandler TH412. For technical reasons, the vls was realized with the lowering function for the telehandler TH625.

Winner of several innovation awards

State of the art
The machine reaches the tilting limit
when simply lowering.
vls driver assistance system
Nearly vertical movement. Hardly any load torque displacement in the longitudinal direction of the machine.
yellow line = Operating parameter
red line = Response of the loading system

You can choose between two different work modes

Stacking Mode

The precise positioning of pallets or other stackable loads is also easily and safely performed manually with the telehandlers by Wacker Neuson. In stacking mode, the loading system is retracted at an angle of inclination of > 40° during lowering. At an inclination angle of < 40°, the loading system only retracts if an overload situation is imminent. All functions can be overridden with the joystick.

Bucket Mode

The bucket mode is designed for the efficient handling of all backfill materials. The ratio of the retracting motion to the lowering movement is designed so that the machine does not enter into the overload range, even under maximum payload.

All Wacker Neuson telehandlers are equipped with the Vertical Lift System