The Kramer telescopic wheel loader 8095T while loading material.

Telescopic wheel loader 8095T: A powerful application with maximum comfort.

The 8095T is part of the Kramer 8 Series and combines maximum safety and comfort with a wide range of options. The vehicle's undivided frame enables high maneuverability as well as constant payload. The machine is optionally available with a more powerful engine and the ecospeed transmission. The powerful telescopic wheel loader is also characterized by maximum comfort in the cab area.

Road transport with mounted attachments is possible in compliance with the legal requirements.

EC tractor approval for public road transport

  • Use as towing vehicle with up to 20 t Trailer load
  • No restrictions regarding the load apart from the vehicle's own attachments
  • Road travel with attachments is possible in compliance with legal requirements
 Telescopic wheel loader 8095T

Smart Attach fully-hydraulic quickhitch system

  • Coupling of hydraulically driven attachments with the automatic connection of the hydraulic circuit, without the need to get out and in
  • Increased productivity as a result of cost and time savings
  • Attachments changed within seconds for full flexibility

More Features

Less strain due to the automatic activation of the load stabiliser at high speeds

Load stabilizer with three operating modes

  • Protection through automatic activation of the load stabilizer at high speeds
  • Automatic deactivation at low speed for precise control of the loading system
  • Relieving the operator with the automatic function
The pedals in the footwell are not mounted on the ground.

Hanging pedals

  • Easy cleaning of the booth floor due to free space below the pedals
  • Increased operating comfort due to ergonomic arrangement of pedals
  • One-piece removable doormat facilitates cleaning

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