Wheel Loader 8115

Wheel Loader 8115: The rugged heavy-duty wheel loader.

The Kramer 8115 wheel loader belongs to the premium segment of the 8 series and is equipped with the proven principle of the undivided frame. The bucket volume of 1.15 m³ to 1.8 m³ depending on material density paired with the uniquely powerful engine option makes the 8115 a true high performance wheel loader. The optionally available ecospeed transmission and the large tires enable this machine to be used for a wide range of applications.

Road transport with mounted attachments is possible in compliance with the legal requirements.

EC tractor approval for public road transport

  • Use as towing vehicle with up to 20 t Trailer load
  • No restrictions regarding the load apart from the vehicle's own attachments
  • Road travel with attachments is possible in compliance with legal requirements
Wheel Loader 8115

Smart Attach fully-hydraulic quickhitch system

  • Coupling of hydraulically driven attachments with the automatic connection of the hydraulic circuit, without the need to get out and in
  • Increased productivity as a result of cost and time savings
  • Attachments changed within seconds for full flexibility

More Features

Less strain due to the automatic activation of the load stabiliser at high speeds

Load stabilizer with three operating modes

  • Protection through automatic activation of the load stabilizer at high speeds
  • Automatic deactivation at low speed for precise control of the loading system
  • Relieving the operator with the automatic function

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