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Rent attachment tools

Do you want to use your rental machine in an even more versatile manner? Bucket, shovel or pallet fork are not enough for your job? Wacker Neuson offers a large selection of attachment tools for rent, matching your wheel loader, excavator or telehandler. This makes your rented machine a versatile all-rounder.

Renting attachment tools – excavators and whell loaders become multifunctional

Excavators and wheel loaders are indispensable on any construction site. With the appropriate attachment tools you can even get more efficient and maximize the usage of the rented equipment. With just a few simple steps, an excavator becomes a demolition machine or a wheel loader turnes into a snow removal vehicle. According to your job requirements you simply rent an appropriate attachment tool fitting on the rented the construction machine. If your focus is on a specific application of an attachment we can also recommend the right carrier machine.

At Wacker Neuson you will also find attachments for excavators. Equipped with a demolition hammer, your construction equipment thus becomes a demolition helper, while with the bucket even excavations on a very limited area are possible. Just ask for our rental offers for attachment tools.

Numerous attachments for wheel loaders

If you want to extend the versatility of your wheel loaders, we offer many different attachment tools for this vehicle class. With the light goods bucket, you can easily transport light bulk goods while the earth bucket helps with the excavation. Transporting stones is just as easy with the appropriate stone bucket as removing snow with a snow blower or a snow blade. Stack pallets? No problem with the pallet fork attached! Mulching small fields? Your wheel loader with the attached mulcher will do it in no time! And all with just one wheel loader and the appropriate, rented attachment tools from Wacker Neuson. We always have a large number of different attachment tools in our rental stations on stock for you.

Easy tool change for efficient work

To optimize your workflow, we designed our attachments for quick tool changes. Many attachment tools can therefore also be changed without the driver having to leave the cabine. Simply drop one device and pick up a new one. In one minute you can transport bulk material with your wheel loader and in the next you can stack pallets. You can rent any type of attachment flexibly in our branches.

We have optimized our attachments for wheel loaders and excavators from Wacker Neuson. So we can guarantee optimal compatibility and maximum functionality. After all, you should be able to rely on your attachment at any time!

Top quality for a long service life

As with all our construction machines, we guarantee a particularly long service life even with attachments. We achieve this through careful production, taking the highest demands on materials and workmanship into account. If you want to rent an attachment that is not a problem. We always have a variety of modern tools ready for you.

You want your wheel loader to be more than just a wheel loader and your excavator can do more than dig it? Then get the most out of your construction equipment - with attachments for rent from Wacker Neuson Rental!