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At Wacker Neuson Finance*, you can choose from among different financing options for new and used construction machines and construction equipment. Whether rental, leasing or operating lease: financial solutions for Wacker Neuson products are worthwhile. The high quality standards, long service life and high resale value make our products an ideal investment. We can prepare a customized offer of financial solutions based on your requirements. 

Our financing options for new and used equipment.

Wacker Neuson employee in front of Wacker Neuson construction machines.

Rental purchase

Rental purchase retains your liquidity and provides you with certainty for planning purposes. Also, rental purchase is very similar to a leasing contract. In contrast to leasing, however, ownership of the Wacker Neuson machine is automatically transferred to you at the end of the contractual term.

Your advantages:

  • Uniform monthly installments
  • Individual installment agreement possible
  • Use of depreciation options
  • Automatic transfer of ownership after completion of the rental period
  • Financial independence (does not affect the credit line at your principal bank)
Wacker Neuson employee shaking a customer’s hand in front of a Wacker Neuson zero emission tracked excavator.


With our leasing offers, you always stay flexible in your projects. Depending on the order situation and development, you can conclude an individual leasing contract. For this, different options are available for selection.

Your advantages:

  • Use the newest machines
  • Certainty in planning due to fixed monthly installments
  • Balance sheet and tax advantages, e.g. leasing installments as tax-deductible business expenses
  • Financial independence (does not affect the credit line at your principal bank)
Wacker Neuson customer standing and smiling with arms folded in front of a Wacker Neuson wheel dumper.

Operating lease

You pay low, fixed monthly installments for the transfer of use for the machine and are not obligated to purchase it. At the end of the contract, you have full flexibility and can decide between the following options: extend the contract, purchase the machine at a fair price, switch to a new machine model, or simply return the machine.

Your advantages:

  • Current and high-quality machine fleet
  • Cover peak order times with additional machines
  • Retain liquidity with attractive monthly installments
  • Full flexibility at contract end: extension, purchase, machine exchange or return
  • Can be optionally integrated in the monthly installment: maintenance and insurance

ECO Lease

The ECO Lease is a standard financial lease. Upon signing the lease agreement, we will provide you with a Carbon Removal Certificate. The Certificate describes the number of CRUs we have acquired to compensate for the estimated emissions of your equipment over the lifetime of the financing agreement.

Your advantages:

  • The CRUs purchased were generated according to the Plan Vivo standard and are characterized by a high quality of their impact.
  • The CRUs each correspond to one ton of CO2 emissions that has already been removed from the atmosphere.
  • With your company, you take on a pioneering role on the path to climate neutrality. 

We currently offer ECO Lease for our excavator models ET42, EZ50, ET58.  

* Wacker Neuson Finance is a trade name under which De Lage Landen Leasing GmbH provides financing services with the permission of Wacker Neuson SE.

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