AS62e / AS68e

Electric rammers  AS62e/AS68e

Electric rammers AS62e/AS68e: Get all your classic vibratory rammer work done emission-free

The battery-powered rammer allows the operator to work completely free of emissions The battery-powered rammer is a win for soil compaction in trenches and inner cities as well as lightening the load for the operator and environment on every construction site. One battery charge is enough to finish all the tasks of an average workday. The battery can be easily changed without tools and can be used for a variety of other Wacker Neuson construction equipment.

Battery Rammer AS68e

Maintenance-free electric motor

  • Maintenance work is completely eliminated compared to combustion engines For example, there are no problems with dirt accumulation or inferior oil. This significantly reduces maintenance effort and costs over the long service life of the machine.
Electric rammers  AS62e/AS68e

Battery One battery system

  • Battery One is a standardized and user-friendly battery system that focuses on the CO₂-free and sustainable use of construction equipment.
  • Battery One batteries and battery chargers can not only be used in all battery-powered electric equipment by Wacker Neuson, but also in the construction equipment of other manufacturers. The idea: A battery standard simplifies construction site operations enormously, as only one battery and one charging system need to be considered in construction site logistics.
Battery Rammer AS68e

Ergonomic guide handle

  • In the grip area of the guide handle it has an angled shape. This enables an ergonomic hold, which relieves the wrists.
Battery driven machines start by the push of a button

Easy start

  • The battery can be started easily and reliably with the push of a button, even at low temperatures or at altitudes. Starting with the push of a button is much more convenient than starting with pulling a cable.
  • After switching the device off the battery actively remains in standby mode for five minutes. During this time, it is possible to put it into operation again by simply pressing the start button - without the need to separately activate the battery. This makes the start procedure even simpler and more comfortable.
Active cooling

Active cooling

  • Active battery cooling ensures improved temperature management, therefore contributing the a longer running time, above all in high ambient temperatures.
  • Active battery cooling is not only performed during machine operation, but also when in standby mode.

More Features

Illustration ecology zero emission

No exhaust emissions

  • The operator is not exposed to any exhaust emissions. Therefore, the machine can be used without restrictions in trenches, tunnels and interior spaces. For the operator, work becomes more pleasant and healthy than with fuel-operated machines.
  • Because the machines are emission-free, new applications open up in areas with special requirements for environmental friendliness.
Battery Rammer AS68e

Removable battery

  • The battery can be easily removed without tools and used in another machine. This makes it quick and easy to use a single battery for serveral machines on the construction site.
  • It is possible to swap a discharged battery for a charged one very easily and quickly on the construction site.
Battery One App

Battery One app

  • Keep your batteries up-to-date: with the free, user-friendly Battery One app you can perform software updates on your batteries to always have the most up-to-date functions and improvements.
  • Information on the battery status and battery performance: Stay on top of the status of your batteries with detailed information on the State of Health and State of Charge.
Lithium-ion battery BP1000 studio image back side

Long running time with one battery charge

  • One battery charge is usually enough for the typical tasks of a full workday. As a result, the work process doesn't have to be interrupted by recharging and not replacement battery is required.

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