DT10e with self-loading facility when used in the zoo

Electric track dumper DT10e: The electric dumper for all occasions

The two low-installed batteries make the machine very stable even in an inclined position. The electric drive system also greatly reduces the service and energy costs. With a charge time of 8 hours and a running time of 8 hours at once, it fits into your average workday perfectly - charge at night and get going in the morning!

Electric track dumper  DT10e

Unlimited performance

  • The electric drive system is in no way inferior to a conventional drive with a diesel engine.
  • The machine can be used without limits and without any kind of loss in performance.
Electric track dumper  DT10e

Very low noise pollution

  • The electric drive system is very quiet, which ensures only minimal noise pollution.
  • In contrast to conventional dumpers, it has more extensive application uses such as in noise-restricted areas, working at night, in environmental protection zones and many more.
  • The volume of the electric machine, compared to the conventional model, has been almost cut in half.

More Features

Illustration ecology zero emission

Additional areas of application

  • The machine’s electric drive system provides more application uses, such as in urban areas with restrictions (emission standards and limitations) as well as in closed buildings without having to accept health restrictions or performance limitations.
  • Even in noise-sensitive environments or protected natural areas, work can be done without restrictions.
Electric track dumper  DT10e

Easy service and maintenance access

  • Die leicht erreichbaren Service- und Wartungszugänge machen die täglichen Kontrollen, genauso wie die regelmäßige Wartung und Instandhaltung, einfach und zeitsparend.
  • In optimaler Höhe platziert und ohne großen Aufwand erreicht man schnell alle Service- und Wartungspunkte, um die täglichen Routinearbeiten ohne großen Zeitaufwand abzuschließen.

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