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Frequency converters

  • True lightweights. These frequency converters are easy to transport. And therefore flexibly deployable: The compact dimensions and an extremely light weight make transport easy.
  • Our stationary frequency converters are ideal for individual customer wishes and at the same time make no compromises when it comes to safety and high performance.

Frequency converters - from AC to three-phase current

With frequency converters from Wacker Neuson, you change AC into three-phase current in no time, which is required for the operation of external and internal vibrators. Depending on the model, you can use our frequency converters in a stationary or mobile fashion, in continuous operation or selectively. If you want to be able to rely 100% on a durable, sturdy and low-maintenance frequency converter, then choose the frequency converter from Wacker Neuson.

The right converter for any construction site size

Whether for smaller concrete work on private homes or on huge construction sites in urban building complexes as well as for infrastructure construction projects – our frequency converters always work with the same efficiency output and a constantly high degree of reliability. The electric power at the outlet is adapted to the operation of the vibrators for concrete consolidation. In this way, you always have the right voltage and frequency available.

We offer you two different portable frequency converters: The mechanical frequency converter is the most reliable base model, whereas the electronic converter fulfills the highest demands for performance efficiency. The stationary converters are suitable for precast concrete elements factories. There they are completely integrated into a switchgear system and offer tailor-made adjustment options.

Quick application of the frequency converters due to easy handling

Our standard is to develop machines and devices that are easy to operate. This is particularly applicable to the concrete consolidation with external and internal vibrators. The most important prerequisite for processing concrete is a quickly established power connection with the right frequency and voltage. That is why our frequency converters are designed to be used as quickly and easily as possible.

Wacker Neuson frequency converters - Safe, maintenance-free and sturdy

Our frequency converters, for example, regulate fluctuations in the mains input voltage or strong deviations in the varying use of power when different units are connected. The easily accessible fault interrupter circuit breaker (GFI or GFCI) or fuses ensure required safety.

Safe operation is also established by the galvanic separation via an isolating transformer. Even in rain or spray water or dust, the frequency converters from Wacker Neuson fulfill their service without affecting performance. The sturdy housing protects the frequency converter from damage and, as another bonus, we guarantee you a low-maintenance operation thanks to the solid design.

Frequency converters from Wacker Neuson are full of energy – power you can rely on.