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Internal Vibrators

  • The high cycle/high frequency internal vibrators with integrated converter offer a high level of operating comfort and maximum flexible handling. The internal vibrators can easily be connected to any conventional outlet without the need for additional accessories while maintaining the same high rpm and compaction quality.
  • The classics among our internal vibrators. Our time-tested and proven machine concept, consisting of a motor that is installed in the vibrator head. In addition, there is the specially hardened vibrator head as well as an extremely sturdy power cable. This concept offers a long service life and an attractive price-performance ratio.
  • Wacker Neuson’s modular HMS system allows you to easily choose between a combustion engine or electric motor and add the appropriate head and shaft to meet your specific concrete vibration needs and job site requirements.
  • Backpack vibrators allow flexibility for concrete consolidation projects providing mobility to access hard to reach areas. Available in a portable gasoline model or the industry’s first battery-powered, zero emission system.

The classic among concrete compaction

Concrete vibrators are classic devices in concrete consolidation. They are needed to displace air through vibration from concrete that is still liquid. Their application makes concrete stronger and more resilient. Internal vibrators or poker vibrators are often meant by concrete vibrators. The reason for this is because the main work of the so-called vibrator head is carried out inside the concrete. The vibrator head is kept in the freshly mixed (green) concrete in order to consolidate the concrete. The eccentric weight integrated in the vibrator head and powered by the motor turns with at least 6,000 revolutions per minute. The vibrator head thus makes the fresh concrete vibrate and the air bubbles rise to the top. The typical vibration frequency of concrete vibrators is approx. 200 Hz. This frequency is required to achieve a sufficient vibration performance with compact construction equipment. The performance efficiency of the concrete vibrator has a great influence on the economic efficiency of the compaction process and the quality of the work results.

Concrete vibrators in various model versions

Our concrete vibrators are available in various designs and with different outfitting features. Our equipment consists of a drive, a flexible shaft and a vibrator head. Vibrator heads are available in different lengths and with a number of diameters. The vibrator lengths are between 30 and 60 centimeters and the diameter is between 3 and 10 centimeters. The larger the vibrator head diameter, the larger the built-in eccentric weight and thus the effective consolidation diameter in the concrete that a concrete vibrator has. You can choose any vibrator head shape you need. Whether square or round, a smooth or rubberized surface - the mode of operation is always the same, regardless of the shape and coating of the vibrator head.

The flexible shaft of the concrete vibrator - commonly also simply known as hose - serves as a holder for the vibrator head. The flexible shaft is made of a hard-wearing, water resistant and solid material so that it can withstand the hard application in concrete. The flexible shafts for our concrete vibrators are also available in many different lengths. This is so important, because short flexible shafts are preferably used, for example, for ground or ceilings. For pillars and columns, on the other hand, narrow and tall elements and longer concrete vibrator flexible shafts are needed Practical handles contribute to the work-load reduction here. The handle sits better in the hand than the hose and is suitable, above all, for the consolidation of flat components or even for application in pre-cast concrete parts work. You have the choice to equip a concrete vibrator electrically or with a gasoline or diesel operated combustion engine. Both types of drive are equally suitable. It is important that the drive of a concrete vibrator be qualitatively high grade and powerful so that it has the power to evenly turn the eccentric weight in the vibrator head, even when the concrete consistency is more solid.

Find the right concrete vibrator for your work areas

The diameter of the concrete vibrator should be chosen to be as big as possible. In this way, working times for concrete consolidation can be kept quick, thereby reducing wear. Limiting factors for the vibrator head diameter are the degree of reinforcement and the distances to the vibration chutes. It must be ensured that the concrete vibrators can be guided through the reinforcement without getting stuck. The effective consolidation diameter of a good unit is approximately ten times the diameter of the vibrator head. Qualitative high grade internal vibrators maintain their operating speed in freshly mixed (green) concrete virtually constantly and thereby have a clearly higher consolidation performance than internal vibrators that have an operating speed under load that decreases.