The Kramer telescopic wheel loader 8095T while loading traffic signs.

Telescopic wheel loaders 8095T: HIGH FLYER WITH MAXIMUM COMFORT

The 8095T is part of the Kramer 8 premium series and combines maximum safety and comfort with a great provision of options. The one-piece chassis of the machine provides a high level of maneuverability and constant payload. The narrow box construction of the telescopic loader unit ensures optimal visibility. The machine is optionally available with a 74 kW Deutz engine and the ecospeed transmission.

The assistance systems of the 8 series from Kramer.

Assistance systems

  • The vehicle is equipped with various assistance systems
  • Simple and convenient operation, even for inexperienced drivers
  • Examples: Angle indicator for attachments in the display, bucket and loader feedback
The operating modes of the 8 series from Kramer.

Operating modes

  • The operator can select between different operating modes: Power, Eco, Road, and CSD (Constant speed drive)
  • The right driving setting can be selected for any application by simply pressing a button
  • Maximum economic efficiency with up to 10% fuel saving combined with maximum operator comfort with effective noise reduction
Smart Attach of the 8 series from Kramer.

Smart Attach (fully hydraulic quickhitch system)

  • Coupling of hydraulically driven attachments with the automatic connection of the hydraulic circuit, without the need to get out and in
  • Increased productivity as a result of cost and time savings
  • Attachments changed within seconds for full flexibility
The cabin entry on both sides of the 8 series from Kramer.

Entry and exit from both sides

  • Increased safety thanks to entry and exit on the side facing away from traffic
  • Increased flexibility thanks to access from both sides
The 7-inch LCD display of the 8 series from Kramer.

7" LCD display

  • All relevant machine data at a glance summarised on the display
  • Operating and setting the machine’s parameters easily and intuitively using the jog dial
  • Safe jog dial operation possible, even when driving

More Features

The all-wheel steering of the 8 series from Kramer.

All-wheel steering

  • High stability even at full steering lock thanks to the undivided frame
  • Maximum maneuverability thanks to steering angles of up to 40° on both the front and rear axles
  • Consistent payload independent of the steering angle for constant leverage ratios
The one piece vehicle frame of the 8 series from Kramer.

One-piece vehicle frame

  • High stability, even on rough terrain
  • Constant payload due to the constant leverage ratios. Independent of the steering angle, the payload always remains the same
  • Great maneuverability due to the high steering angle. Therefore, some steering movements are superfluous, and travel and cycle times are reduced
The dual circuit pneumatic brake system of the 8 series from Kramer.

Two-circuit pneumatic brake system

  • Pneumatic braked trailers can be towed on the road
  • Enables use of the vehicle’s maximum approved trailer load
The colour labelled switches of the 8 series from Kramer.

Color-coded switches

  • Uniformed color scheme for hydraulic, electric, driving, and safety features
  • Increased safety due to minimized danger of mixing up switches
  • Operating concept that reaches across all models to simplify the handling of the fleet
The front wheel steering of the 8 Series from Kramer.

Front axle steering

  • Safe and familiar road travel at high speed
  • Precise guidance of special attachments
  • Easy maneuvering in trailer mode
The 8 series from Kramer has an EC tractor approval.

EC tractor approval

  • Application as a towing vehicle for trailer transport with material
  • No restrictions regarding the loads alongside the separate attachments
  • It is possible to travel on the road with an attachment subject to the legal provisions
The crab steering of the 8 series from Kramer.

Crab steering

  • Easy maneuvering in confined spaces
  • Gentle driving on sensitive surfaces
  • Simple control in combination with special attachments
The dual circuit hydraulic brake system of the Kramer wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders of the 8 series.

Hydraulic two-circuit trailer brake

  • Hydraulic braked trailers can be towed on the road
  • Even older trailers with a hydraulic one-circuit brake can be used (downwardly compatible)
  • Enables use of the vehicle’s maximum approved trailer load
The panoramic cabin of the 8 series from Kramer.

Panoramic cabin

  • Everything in view - A panoramic front windshield far to the rear with narrow cabin pillars ensure for an optimal view of the attachment at any time with an extended view upwards
  • The operator also has a particularly good view of the attachment, even with a maximum stacking height
  • High degree of work quality and safety as the work area can be optimally viewed
The low speed control and the manual throttle of the 8 series from Kramer.

Low-speed device and hand throttle

  • Easy operation of attachments that are operated with a constant rpm and a simultaneously low travel speed
  • Engine rpm and travel speed can be set individually
  • Maximum productivity and a best-possible work result, even on long working days
The 8 series from Kramer has an engine automatic stop.


  • Automatic switch-off of the diesel engine after a preset time
  • Saving of fuel and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Protection of the environment and machine components
Ecospeed of the 8 series from Kramer.

ecospeed: Variable hydrostatic overdrive transmission

  • Variable acceleration without interruption to the tractive force or gear-shifting from 0 km/h to 40 km/h
  • Full pushing power and tractive force in all work situations
  • Maximum efficiency and low fuel consumption as a result of the optimal interplay between the engine and drive train
The LUDV gear pump of the telescopic wheel loaders of the 8 series from Kramer.

Gear pump with LUDV

  • Load-independent flow distribution with load-sensing characteristics
  • It is possible to operate several hydraulic functions at once
  • Fast loading cycles and more efficient motion processes increase productivity
The easy maintenance access of the 8 series from Kramer.

Easy maintenance access

  • Easy access to the engine compartment thanks to the wide-opening hood
  • Optimum accessibility of all important components for checking fill levels
  • Quick implementation of service work thanks to vertically mounted filters and additional maintenance openings
The central lubrication unit of the 8 series from Kramer.

Automatic central lubrication system

  • Longer service life and value retention of the machine thanks to automatic lubrication of all lubrication points
  • Time and cost savings thanks to low and bundled maintenance of the centralized lubrication system
  • Optimum lubrication thanks to adjustable time intervals and grease quantities
The automatic bucket return of the 8 series from Kramer.

Automatic bucket return

  • The automatic bucket return is ideal for loading work that repeatedly necessitates a particular bucket position
  • The desired position can be individually set and stored
  • Safe and fatigue-free working as a result of the automatic motion processes. The charge cycles are becoming clearly more efficient
Smart Steering of the 8 series from Kramer.

Smart Steering

  • Speed-independent steering support.
  • The required rotations of the steering wheel at low travel speeds are significantly reduced. Greater steering angle per steering wheel rotation.
  • Fast turning maneuvers and reduced effort increase productivity and enable quick maneuvering.
Two-layer coating of the axles of the 8 series from Kramer.

Two-layer paintwork on the axles

  • Excellent protection against corrosion
  • The axles are clearly more robust and durable

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